About the devastation of Hurricane Paloma in Cayman Brac (our sister island), members of Rotaract Blue (RB) joined scores of teenagers from Grand Cayman and gave up their Saturday on 20 December 2008 to clean up  the wrecked yards and properties of Cayman Brac residents.
About 80 volunteers from Grand Cayman volunteered for the clean up. These caring persons came from RB, Cayman Prep School and Cayman International School.
There were two groups which were divided into teams of five, accompanied by one adult, with each teacher or guardian responsible for the students under their charge.
As a result of the clean up blitz, massive amount of debris was removed from t he yards of elderly people, including destroyed zinc roofs, old pipes, glass and mirrors and even palm trees. After each yard was cleaned, the debris was brought to a central pile and then taken away by the Public Works Department to a local landfill.
RB was extremely grateful to participate in this effort as Cayman Brac residents expressed their appreciation for our contribution. We also wish the Cayman Brac community a speedy recovery!