The Open Arms Program has been created to build awareness and education about disabilities while helping to integrate those living with disabilities into the community. The Rotaract Blue Open Arms Program was founded on the belief that people with disabilities deserve the equal opportunity to learn, grow and be respected within our community.
The Open Arms Program is a unique program in the Cayman Islands. Rotaract Blue is passionate about highlighting the needs and celebrating the success of persons in our community living with disabilities as well as those who make a difference in their lives daily.
Initiatives under the Open Arms Program include:
  • Open Arms Gala:
    With the help of our valued sponsors, Rotaract Blue’s Open Arms Gala, Cayman’s only annual gala committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families with Special Needs continues to prosper. Contributions from our sponsors continue to support existing and new initiatives championed by The Lighthouse School, Special Needs Foundation Cayman, Maple House, Sunrise Adult Training Centre, and Special Olympics Cayman Islands.
  • Christmas at Sunrise:
    A holiday-themed event to commemorate ‘International Day for Persons with Disabilities’ where Rotaract Blue members visit the Sunrise Adult Training Centre for fellowship, arts and crafts and Christmas cheer with the clients.
  • Christmas at Maple House:
    Another holiday themed event that has us giving gifts to the clients of this home.

Rotaract Blue seeks to actively raise awareness about and assist the Cayman AIDS Foundation in its efforts to control and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Cayman Islands and help those living with HIV/AIDS.
In conjunction with the Cayman AIDS Foundation, Rotaract Blue created the first HIV Workshop in the Cayman Islands "Everything you wanted to know about HIV and were afraid to ask."  The HIV Workshop had around 25 participants which included persons who work in Cayman's HIV community as educators, persons from the public and members of Rotaract Blue. The Workshop covered the 101 on HIV, living with HIV, treatments in Cayman, HIV and pregnancy and preventing the stigma of HIV and breaking down the myths of HIV.
  • Shades of Red
Shades of Red, a wine tasting event to benefit the Cayman AIDS Foundation (CAF) and other club initiatives. In partnership with CAF, this event is a warm, laidback and enjoyable affair to raise awareness and encourage life-long choices that help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Rotaract Blue understands the importance of educating and highlighting social and health issues such as HIV/AIDS.
Rotaract Blue awards the Fred Speirs Vocational Grants to a local student to pursue technical/vocational studies as part of its Professional Development avenue of service.
Rotaract Blue understands the value of Vocational development in the country and acted to create opportunities for young Caymanians to have access to the necessary training and education. Financial assistance for vocational courses has traditionally been overlooked and Rotaract Blue is pleased to assist young Caymanians in fulfilling their dreams in these key career and skill areas.
Funds for the grant are raised through the Fred Speirs 5K Walk/Run.
This initiative was created to provide underprivileged children in our community with a new pair of shoes for the school year. 
Rotaract Blue also organizes and partakes in several community service projects outside of our main platforms. These projects include park restorations as we support the Success Circle Park in Palm Dale, George Town, as well as beach clean-ups throughout the island.
For more information on our platforms and initiatives, please contact