This past week we teamed up with Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman to celebrate 50 years of Rotaract with a week of service and fellowship events. Read on for a full recap and photos.
The Rota-family at the CI Humane Society for a morning of dog walking.

Battle of the Clubs: Civil War

President Francesca presenting President Patriann of RCGC with the trophy and prize.
The first event of the week was our 'Battle of the Clubs' game night, a friendly competition between both Rotaract clubs and a great opportunity for members of each club to get to know each other. The night was very entertaining as the clubs competed in a series of games including Dominoes, Twister, Family Feud and along with a few others.
In the end, it was Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman who came out on top to take the trophy and prize home but the most rewarding factor of the night was certainly the bonding of both clubs.

Joint Dog Walk

Not only did the Rotaract clubs team up but some of the Rota-family came out for a joint dog walk on the Saturday morning of World Rotaract Week. Earlyactors, Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians - all together!
The dog walk was amusing as each dog had its own unique personality and they were all quite the little characters. We were overjoyed to take them out for a stroll and to see them excited. Who doesn't love dogs?
During our dog walk, we just so happened to take a little detour and crashed Rotary Central's Bus Shelter building party. We almost got away with it but we had to lend a hand - of course we did not mind!
Blue Club Service Director Rene and PP Elect Will Inniss of Rotary Central.

RCGC's Hearts & Homeruns

The week came to an end with RCGC's Hearts & Homeruns kickball tournament.
Another entertaining day of fun, food, raffle prizes and best of all - kickball with whammies! What is a 'whammy' you ask? For example, 'run backwards to first base'. The audience can pay to have anyone participating in the game to perform a whammy.. then it's an even more interesting game.
A super close to a super week! We're looking forward to next year already! 
Here's to 50 more years (and more) of service!