Join us in celebrating some of our country's most amazing people as we host our 5th Annual Open Arms Award Ceremony on Saturday, 16 June at Luca.

With this year’s theme: “Don’t Stare. Show That You Care”, the ceremony will be a heart-warming event which will honour caretakers, teachers and parents who have enriched the lives of persons with special needs. The event will also recognize individuals who have excelled in their lives despite their disability.

Open Arms Chair Yvette Cacho further expressed, “Caring for individuals with special needs requires both patience and a loving touch. Not everyone is able to handle such a responsibility, but those who are should be recognized for all that they do.”

Tickets for the award ceremony cost $75 and include a four-course dinner, live entertainment and entry for raffle prizes. An Art Silent Auction will also benefit activities of the club’s Open Arms Programme which aims to promote non-discrimination for disabled persons.

Proceeds will benefit organisations such as the Lighthouse School, Sunrise Adult Training Centre, Maple House, Special Olympics and the Cayman Islands Special Needs Foundation.

The Open Arms Program promotes non-discrimination for disabled persons. It also aims to help to integrate those living with disabilities into the community and providing much needed support to those who care for them. One of its main goals is to enhance society’s understanding of the needs of disabled persons.

The club encourages public participation during this worthwhile initiative. For additional information on Rotaract Blue’s Open Arms Program or to become a sponsor, please contact the Open Arms Chair at