In conjunction with Rotaract Blue's HIV/AIDS campaign, Shades of Red, a wine tasting event, was another worth while event held on May 23 2009 at the Marriott Beach Resort. There were presentations by various representations such as Nurse Ffrench of Health Services Association (HSA), Margaret Michaud of Cayman AIDS Foundation (CAF), Hon. Sybil McLaughlin and others who spoke about

 HIV/AIDS prevention while promoting non-discrimination of this deadly virus. A few of the presentations lead into discussions from the floor. Donations and pledges were encouraged throughout the evening.

Proceeds made will be used to benefit our HIV/AIDS campaign along with the CAF's efforts for helping those living with such virus, while preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout the Cayman Islands. The club received many great reviews after the event, our willingness to take on such a controversial issue and our professional conduct. This is another project Rotaract Blue can be proud of. Stay tuned for more HIV/AIDS initiatives by Rotaract Blue!
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