Rotaract Blue held their second Induction ceremony on March 19, 2008 where 9 persons became members of the club. 


During the ceremony, these persons received a Certificate of Membership and Rotaract pin presented by President Sandy MacFarlane (at the time) of Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central. The Induction of 9 members increased Blue's membership to a whopping grand total of 30 members since the club's inception in December 2007. Yaaay Blue!

"It is impressive to see the level of care and involvement of young professionals within the Caymanian community. The most important aspect of any organization is its people. Based on our 30% [approx] membership increase since our charter in July 2007, I am sure that our impact among our local and international community will be significant. I congratulate our newly inducted members and wish them every success in their journey with Rotaract Blue." said Immediate Past President O'Dell Suarez of Rotaract Blue.


President of Rotary Central (at the time), Blue's sponsoring club, Sandy McFarlane expressed, "I encourage these new inductees to take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits which Rotaract extends. A club is only as astrong as its members, and I would like to see Rotaract Blue rise to the top. Judging by the quality and high standards of potential members that Rotaract Blue is attracting, they are well on their way and Membership in Rotaract is indeed an honour!