Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands joined forces with other persons/groups to help raise funds to cover medical expenses for Nathan Bendo-Carias. The club worked tirelessly to seek donations through the sale of
wristbands outside various supermarkets and shopping venues.

Nathan Bendo-Carias, born to Juan Carias and Sonya Bendo-Carias, is a five year old Caymanian boy with a serious heart condition. For several years, he has been suffering from seizures and as a result has had to be taken to Miami Children's Hospital and Baptist Children's Hospital to undergo various tests. Nathan and his family are scheduled to return to Miami where he will receive a monitor and visit his doctors for further check ups to confirm surgery.  

As one can imagine, this terrible ordeal has put has been taxing on Nathan's family, emotionally, physically and certainly financially.

"We are extremely happy that we were able to raise funds to assist Nathan and his family as they go through this difficult time. During our visit with Nathan, it was a pleasure to be completely embraced by his cheerful spirit despite of his condition. It was truly a memorable moment." Rotaract Blue President, Tricia Cacho expressed.