Rotaract Blue Fundraiser Car Wash
June 26, 2010
The Auto Spa

Tickets must be purchased from Rotaract Blue members in advance. See below and flyer for more details.


Tickets must be purchased from Rotaract Blue members in advance to enjoy these great rates!!!


Take full advantage of the additional detailing services* The Auto Spa provides such as:



Carpet Shampoo

Seat Shampoo

Interior Vacuum, Windows and Dressing


(*the above services are not included in the ticket sale prices and can be purchased upon arrival).



Let's Go Green Cayman!!!


Washing cars at home in your driveways or in parking lots can pollute the environment. This pollution can affect our plants, trees, ponds, underwater wells and the ocean.  One of the best ways to conserve water and save the environment is to use a professional car wash service such as The Auto Spa.


Washing your car at home could use between 80 to 140 gallons of water, while a commercial car wash service averages 35 gallons or less per car.  The Auto Spa also has the technology to control the amount of water used, a recycling system to reuse water more efficiently while dirty water is diverted into the sewer system or holding tanks and treated prior to being released into our waterway system. The Auto Spa also has the facilities for the proper disposal of soaps and chemicals.


Do your part to conserve water and protect the environment, use The Auto Spa to clean your car!!!


Brought to you by The Auto Spa and Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands: