The newly inducted members; Nadia Ebanks, David Hydes, Allison Anglin, Heather Roffey, Jessica Powell and Ranel Grant received their Rotaract pins during the month of August.

See excerpt below from a recent press release on our newest members!


 President Tricia Cacho stated, "We are very pleased to welcome these new members into the club. Through their contributions and involvement with the club thus far, they have demonstrated their commitment and passion for Rotaract and all that the organisation stands for. I am confident that they will all continue to be an asset in the development and growth of our club and the community."

Inductee Allison Anglin offered her thoughts on joining the club. "The members of Rotaract Blue have been so warm and welcoming. This club has a high level of dedication, and I am proud to have been inducted. Rotaract will help me grow not only as a person, but as a professional as well. I look forward to being a part of the future of the club."

Director of Club Service, Stephanie Scott added, "Rotaract Blue is committed to serving the community and we will continue to actively recruit and encourage young professionals to step forward and get involved."