In recognition of #WorldMentalHeathDay, we were visited by the Alex Panton Foundation to speak to us regarding mental health. 
Created in memory of the late Alex Panton, the foundation strives to be a resource for children and young adults in the local and greater community, who may be suffering from Mental Health Disorders or need extra support through difficult situations.
Read on for the full recap.
Chaired by Vice President Dona-Lee, the meeting started as always with an icebreaker. This time it was BINGO with a rota-twist, also called 'Rotaract BINGO' and was certainly one of our favorite ice breakers ever. Everyone got a sheet and had to figure out who in the room fit the description on the card in order to reach BINGO.
After moving through announcements, project recaps and upcoming events, it was time for the Building Minds' show & share.
This week's show & share was given by Renee and Richelle Ebanks on 'Insight' and 'The Productivity Project'.

Key Takeaway - 
Almost everything we do, including what we eat or drink, can affect our productivity. 
Productivity encompasses 3 parts:
1. Energy
2. Time
3. Attention

But, being more productive doesn’t mean neglecting time with loved ones or focusing on ourselves (this should be avoided).  The focus should be on spending time on what makes you happy - because when we are happy, that is when we will be our most productive, working towards our goals.

Our guest speakers of the night were representatives from The Alex Panton Foundation who came to talk to us about mental health and mental illnesses.They shared their story, their plans to help and how we could get involved too.

The Alex Panton Foundation

The Alex Panton Foundation is a not-for-profit with the primary objective of raising awareness of mental illnesses affecting children and young adults in the Cayman Islands with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.

Learn more about The Alex Panton Foundation here:


Building Minds
Building Minds, a show-and-share catered to young business professionals.

Like the Japanese philosophy of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), our goal is to adopt a mindset of Continuous Learning. We want our members to seek, absorb and disseminate as much knowledge as possible.
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