A mid-week meditation during our meeting guided by Carrie Brown of Body Works Cayman was a well needed break. A chance to stop, relax, forget the stress of the world and just breathe. What better backdrop than a sunset on the 7 Mile Beach?

But let’s rewind and take it from the top...
We had to start off the Rotaract way of course with a literacy style ice breaker called Letter Scramble. Split into two teams, members (guests and prospectives too) had to decipher book titles. It was a challenging one but what better way to get the brain moving?

After our ice breaker, announcements and updates were given by our Directors.

Our Treasurer Brandon gave a very informative recap of his book “Smarter,...” for the ‘Building Minds’ book show & share.
The key takeaway being: The best way to reach a goal is to set a SMART Goal. Your goal should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeline (have a set time).

Then it was time to take that mental break!
Carrie invited us to sit in a huge circle facing each other. She explained the benefits and debunked a few misconceptions of meditation. As complex as one may think meditation is, it’s as simple as this - just breathe.

With relaxing background music in play, we all closed our eyes, blocking out any background noise and distractions to focus on a clear mind and deep breathing. Within minutes, we forgot where we were... 
Post-meditation, we ended the meeting by enjoying some bites and conversation.
President Rene and Professional Development Director Brian presenting guest speaker  Carrie Brown with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Blue.

Join us for our next meeting on 26 September 2018 | 6PM at the Royal Palms Beach Club (PRIMA restaurant upstairs).
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