Posted on Sep 26, 2018

This meeting we switched to business gears and held our quarterly Club Assembly which was lead by Club Service Director Ally but of course, not without some fun first. Would we be Blue if we didn't? Pun intended.
We started the evening with a tower of red cups and get this, built using rubber bands. Talent.
After the announcements, it was time to build minds. Our President Rene gave her Building Minds presentation on 'Centered Leadership' by Joanna Barsh & Johanne Lavoie.

Key Takeaway - 

Practicing the five dimensions of Centered Leadership helps to create a high level of leadership effectiveness and satisfaction at both work and home.

Mastering these dimensions helps us to be better leaders in teams and organisations. It gives us the ability to handle adversity and transform ourselves to feel more in control of our destiny and have a positive impact on others.

Five Dimensions of Centered Leadership:

1) MEANING: Happiness, Signature Strengths, Purpose
2) FRAMING: Self-Awareness, Learned Optimism, Moving On 
3) CONNECTING: Network, Sponsorship, Reciprocity, Inclusiveness
4) ENGAGING: Voice, Ownership, Risk Taking, Adaptibility
5) ENERGIZING: Minimizing Depletion, Restoration, Flow
Then we moved into formation and started our assembly. The purpose of this activity is to engage all members and prospectives to give them an opportunity to express their thoughts about Rotaract Blue, including positive feedback and areas we can improve on.
Great feedback was provided such as: better promotion of meeting space and 'What is Rotaract' in the Community.
During the assembly we conducted what we call a Rota-minute where persons spoke about why they joined Rotaract or Rotary, what kept them committed, what they have gained and learned as a Rotaractor/Rotarian.
The evening did not end there! There was also an presentation for the Rotaractor of the Quarter in which our President Rene was awarded.
The night ended with a raffle in which our President won... AGAIN and some bites over fellowship.