One of Blue's many community service projects, namely "Build A Home", is one of largest project to date. To begin this journey, members of Rotaract Blue, along with other volunteers, spread Christmas cheer for the Hurlston family by providing some cosmetic fixtures to the structure of the home on December 22, 2007.

Ms. Hurlston has lived at her home, in West Bay, with her daughter Mary for 15 years. After witnessing poor living conditions and other concerns the case was brought to the attention of Rotaract Blue by members of the Sunrise Adult Training Center where Mary attends. As the Sunrise Adult Learning Centre is a signature community service for Rotary Central and Rotaract Blue,  members felt compelled to act in spreading the spirit of Christmas for a needy family.


The fixtures to the house included a new door frame, installing a new front door, plumbing fixtures from the bathroom to the outside septic and repainting of the exterior of the house.


Although, it would be more practical to rebuild the structure of the Hurlston's residence from the foundation, it was necessary to improve the safety and provide suitable living conditions immediately. Rotaract Blue, with the assistance of their sponsoring club, Rotary Central, intends to continue this project to completely rebuild the home by early 2008. Persons wishing to contribute to this cause are asked to contact us at .


"I am very grateful for this team and their efforts with restoring my home! It is much improved and my daughter and I love the new color." Ms. Hurlston said.


Rotaract Blue, Immediate President Odell Suarez said "In a country like the Cayman Islands, it is very disturbing to witness individuals like Ms Hurlston, living in unpleasant conditions. Nevertheless, Rotaract Blue enjoyed working on this project and we hope that the Hurlston family will enjoy the improvements to their home. We look forward to rebuilding more homes for the less fortunate persons/families of our islands in the near future."

Rotaract Blue has a vast amount of other projects planned, both locally and internationally. We are ready to serve! So keep a look out for Blue in your community!