On 29 September 2010, members of Rotaract Blue brought belly-laughter and cheers to residents and staff of the Frances Bodden Girls Home. It was a fun-filled day with competitive, high energy games. Later, the young ladies enjoyed pizza which was sponsored by the club. This year's "Games and Grub" was the club's first annual event.
The day began with a meet and greet session, then moved into a competitive card game of UNO which turned into laughter, hugs and fun. As many Rotaractors expressed, although the young ladies emphasized that the visit left a positive impact, this event became one of the most moving experiences for some members. While majority of the visit was spent within groups, there were also several one-on-one interactions with the residents.

The Frances Bodden Girls Home is a 24/7 live-in facility which houses several young girls, between the ages of 11 to 16. The facility helps the girls achieve their full human potential by providing a continuum of care through its residential and day programmes in a caring, nurturing environment.

The Frances Bodden Girls' Home was damaged by fire almost two years ago and its residents had to move out while repairs and renovations were undertaken. Angela Sealey, CEO of the CAYS Foundation who also manages the home, explained that work is still under way and is nearing completion but that furniture, a stove, and other items are still needed before the girls can be moved back in.

The residents and staff were more than thrilled to have the Blue Crew present and look forward to more "Games & Grub" in the future.