Posted on Jul 18, 2018
First meeting down - many more to go!
We kicked off our year in true Blue style this evening. If you couldn't make it, you surely missed an exciting one.
President Rene started the meeting with a DING and we were off!
Our fun ice-breaker for the evening was led by Vice President (VP) Dona-Lee and if you happened to attend the Rotaract D7020 conference, it would be somewhat familiar. Each person in attendance had a sheet of paper with their name and an outfit description (no kidding) written on it. Those papers were passed around the room and each person anonymously wrote down one thing to describe that person - all positive of course! After all was said and done, VP Dona-Lee read a few characteristics aloud from each paper. It was a great way to tell people what wonderful characteristics they possess.
The Directors made their announcements and you can find most of those in our calendar! Then we entered one of the highlights of our evening which was inducting our newest and Bluest member Alanna.
She had two sponsors, Community Service Director Ally and Professional Development Director Brian (we have a competitive bunch). After she took her oath to become a member, she took another oath along with International Service Director Kimberly to serve on the 2018-2019 board as our Public Relations Chair. How exciting!!
But the evening did not stop there. Our lovely IPP Francesca was presented with her Paul Harris Fellow Certificate by President William Inniss of our sponsor club Rotary Central.
We concluded with a raffle which AG David Kirkaldy of RCGC won TWICE in a row but kindly donated it back and it ended up in Past President Larry's hands of Rotary Central. Then all were free to enjoy some food, drinks and fellowship.