DRR Leah Lowe came to town!
The Blue Crew had a jam packed week of joint events with our sister club, the Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman (Lil RCGC).
Before kicking off our schedule of events, we joined the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman for their lunchtime meeting. DRR Leah received a Rotaract royalty welcome.
First things first...
Then it was off to Prima Restaurant on Thursday evening for the Rotaract joint meeting. It was the best of both worlds, *cue Hannah Montana*.

There was human rock paper scissors, district-talk and flamingling.
Friday Fellowship...

Next up was a fellowship happy hour with Lil RCGC. 

Members of each club met for a casual beverage and conversation on the Camana Bay Paseo.

Fun Fact: KAROO is one of Blue's go-to spots for our networking mixers for the great location and #views.
Tour de Cayman
On Saturday, DRR Leah was submersed in Cayman Culture. From the National Museum to Pedro Castle and Rotaract Parks in-between, we were able to show a bit of the island and talk about our history. Free Swanky included.
BBQ and Chill?

Grand Cayman Rotaractors and other Rota-fam finished off the weekend with a chilled out BBQ on the beach!

Who wants a Heads Up rematch at the next Games night?

Thank you for visiting us DRR Leah, come back soon!

Until Conference,

Rotaract Blue