Non-profit charitable organisation, Rotaract Blue, is currenty offering Vocational Grants to young Caymanians who wish to pursue a vocational or technical course either locally or overseas.

Professional Development Director of Rotaract Blue (at the time), Tricia Cacho, said: "As a young Caymanian myself, I believe that this initiative is beneficial to our country because many young persons who have a keen interest in furthering their education through vocational studies are not recognised. Majority of the focus has always been on academics. It is clear that technical/vocational careers are definitely an asset to these islands."


Like a typical scholarship, the grant may be used for education expenses such as tuition, fees, books, accommodation, food and other related expenses.


To raise funds for this wonderful cause, Rotaract Blue held an ultra exclusive sexy pajama party - Dreamzzz on Friday, 30 May at Cayman's newest and hottest club, L.i. Lounge and Club, located in Islander Complex off West Bay Road. Attendees were expected to dress in sexy pajamas. The event was a success! The club raised approximately $2,000. 


We would like to take this opportunity and say a big THANK YOU to L.i. Lounge and Club for allowing us to host our event at their exclusive club. We would also like to thank our patrons of this event. You have helped us to be one step closer to make someone's 'dreamzzz' come true!