• Rotaract Blue Club recently made several donations in the total of CI$2000 to various after care and learning facilities for disabled persons. These places included Maples House, Lighthouse School & Sunrise Adult Learning Centre.  The donations came from
    proceeds raised at the 2nd Annual Open Arms Award Ceremony which was held during May of this year. The donations will be used to purchase, at the discretion of the facilities previously mentioned, various household items, learning equipment and other necessary tools, as they have identified, to enhance the development of the disabled persons.  

    The recipients expressed much appreciation for the donation and applauded Rotaract Blue for their continued efforts in creating community awareness of different disabilities and to integrate individuals with disabilities into the community.

    Director of Community Service, Tricia Bell stated that "Rotaract Blue is happy to experience the positive results of our 2nd Annual Open Arms Award Ceremony. The program has been successful thus far and I am honoured that the club is able to assist such facilities. With our continued work, I am confident that the program will reach further heights so that we are able to extend support where needed".

    In an effort to enhance awareness about persons living with disabilities and promoting non-discrimination, the club is currently airing radio messages over various stations. As people with disabilities are often looked down upon as minorities, we hope that these messages will allow for equal treatment so that everyone can enjoy life's great gifts. Messages will soon be aired via the local channels on television as well.

    Look out for more Rotaract Blue initiatives during their Open Arms Program and other community service projects.