Rotaract Blue is an organisation with an outstanding track record of serving the Cayman Islands community; Rotaract Blue visited the Pines Retirement Home and its residents were the recipients of once such act of dedication

The Pines is a non-profit charitable organization established to provide housing accommodation for the elderly. In 1983, The Pines was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a retirement home. The Pines' key mission is to meet the requirements of elderly citizens during their retirement. A less known fact about The Pines is that over time, the emphasis has shifted toward the provision of nursing care in response to the needs of the community and the high-care requirements of many of its residents.

The residents and caretakers alike were very receptive to the presence of the Rotaractors . The young professionals were met with wide smiles and open hearts, fitting in perfectly. The day's activities took place during the breakfast and lunchtime periods. After meeting with supervisors and receiving their instructions, the members of Rotaract Blue enthusiastically delved into their assigned tasks. Some Rotaractors assisted with pouring water, tea, coffee and juice while others served the breakfast of fruits and porridge with toast. At lunchtime, the residents enjoyed square meals of steamed fish or stewed beef, rice or potatoes, breadkind and beans. The caretakers of The Pines ensured to highlight special dietary requirements, and preferences, to the Rotaractors, demonstrating their commitment to meeting the needs of each and every resident.

After the respective meals, the Rotaractors interacted a bit with the residents who were a lot more talkative and vibrant than would be expected of individuals nearing 100 years of age and with disabilities. The Retractors were questioned about their family backgrounds, sang to and even mistaken for grandchildren from as far away as Thailand.

The experience was a mutually rewarding one. The residents and caretakers enjoyed the company of fresh new faces, while the Rotaractors not only had fun, but also gained some valuable insight. Ms Margaret, a caretaker at The Pines provided the Rotaractors with a bit of information on the intricacies of the residents' requirements, particularly as it relates to various medical conditions. In addition, she had some wise words for the Rotaractors, in relation to a common condition seen in the elderly, Alzheimer's. She commented, "You'll notice a lot of the residents reliving experiences from their 20's & 30's. These are the years that are generally the most memorable times of their lives so this should serve as a good lesson to you young people to do good and make the best of your youth as you'll want good memories when you are older." Ms Margaret then keenly observed that the Rotaractors are doing just that, doing good for the community.

When asked about their experience with the persons at The Pines, Rotaractor Tunde McDonald said, "I know we went to help them feel loved and appreciated but I think it rubbed off on me". He continued, "Helping them brought such a warm feeling of joy and fulfillment. I would definitely do this again."

Rotaract Blue has a full calendar of projects planned for the year and the club looks forward to another year of supporting and being active in the community. As always, Rotaract Blue endeavours to uphold their motto of being "Committed To Making a Positive Difference".