We had such a great time at President Louise's house for our retreat that we all forgot to take pictures. Let's talk about being in the moment. Our fun filled retreat was staged as  the special VIP dinner of Dr. Doom. 
A brief description of the evening:

Dr. Larry Doom was the heir of the Doom estate and a rather famous chemist. He led a troublesome life full of misery, lies, and deceitful practices. Reflecting upon the past, he decided to host a VIP dinner at his home, the old Doom Mansion, in hopes to resolve the differences with those he had wronged throughout his life. Most of the guests accepted his humble invitation and arrived at the mansion in style to enjoy a delectable dining experience and good company. The evening started out fabulously and Dr. Doom commenced his quest to make amends with his family and past acquaintances. As the evening progressed, Dr. Doom found it difficult to deal with some of his invited guests as in addition to their sordid past with him…many also had serious conflicts with each other! As the evening progressed, tension filled the air and to everyone’s shock, Dr. Doom’s priceless diamond encrusted pterodactyl egg was found missing and in its place was a ransom note for a million dollars! The guests quickly rallied together to investigate whodunit before the thief could get away. The investigators took a few breaks from the stress of the intense investigation to dine on a tasty dinner, play exciting games and to savor on hot chocolate and desserts before coming to a final conclusion of who the naughty thief was!
Members acted out the different characters until be discovered who the deceitful culprit was.  The actors did a great job at portraying the roles and we later discovered that it was Dr. Doom's beautiful and elegant niece, Miss Crimson who stole the marvelous egg. 
See the different characters below.