Small gestures make a big difference to Rotaract Blue.

In addition to Rotary’s fight for Polio eradication and as a part of Rotaract Blue’s international community service projects, the club recently held its second annual 5K Movement in aid of the Jaipur Limb project in India. This project is to help those victims who have lost their limbs during landmine explosions.  


Following a successful event, the club donated over $200 to the Jaipur Limb Project. The Jaipur Limb, also known as the Jaipur Leg/Foot, is a rubber-based prosthetic leg for persons with below-knee amputations. At a low cost of US$30, each prosthetic leg is quick to fit, water-resistant and can lasts for as long as four years, especially when worn with shoes.

Overwhelmed by the public participation, Director of International Service and event organizer Stephanie Graham said, “With our contribution, amputees can now have the ability to enjoy one thing most of us take for granted –the ability to move.”

Rotaract Blue expressed a heartfelt thank you to its sponsors: Duke’s Restaurant, Kirk Beverages, Camana Bay, Star 92.7 and Margaritaville. A special thanks to participants as well.

Sharing the same comments, Club President Jacqueline Golding-McDonald stated that, "I am confident that our contribution will help to improve the lives of persons who are unable to afford jaipur limbs.”

As this will be an ongoing initiative for Rotaract Blue, the club reminds the public to cherish the value of mobility and help those who want the chance to do so.