Rotaract Blue seeks to actively raise awareness about and assist the Cayman AIDS Foundation in its efforts to control and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Cayman Islands and help those living with HIV/AIDS.


In conjunction with the Cayman AIDS Foundation, Rotaract Blue created the first HIV Workshop in the Cayman Islands "Everything you wanted to know about HIV and were afraid to ask."  The HIV Workshop had around 25 participants which included persons who work in Cayman's HIV community as educators, persons from the public and members of Rotaract Blue. The Workshop covered the 101 on HIV, living with HIV, treatments in Cayman, HIV and pregnancy and preventing the stigma of HIV and breaking down the myths of HIV. Adonsa Harrison provided an overview of the HIV film "When No One Is Looking," which should be completed in the near future, providing that funding of the film is gained. Nurse Pauline Ffrench closed the Workshop with a highly entertaining game on how HIV can quickly spread among a small group of persons from just one person. Margaret Michaud from the Cayman AIDS Foundation provided an educational demonstration of contraception and their proper use. Certificates were presented to those who completed the workshop and the revision of the materials.


Shades of Red is a relaxed, cocktail party allowing guests to experience the tastes of wine from several regions of the world and select hors d'oeurves which enhance the flavour of the wine. During the event, information on HIV/AIDS is tastefully dispersed ensuring that the evening is entertaining and enlightening. Shades of Red is the most substantial fundraiser that benefits our HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness campaign.


For more information on our HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness campaign, please contact